Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fringe Studded Leather Necklace: Styled

Hey guys! Remember this bad boy:

If not [tsk], no worries you can check the DIY page out here. If you do just keep on reading. When I put up this post I had a request to show the necklace styled with an outfit. It's taken me awhile, I'll admit, namely because I decided to ship it back to CA and into the hands of my best friend. I figured she'd be able to work some magic with it, and she did. Here's 2 laid back California looks. Hippie chic? What do you think? 


Big thanks to my darling friend Kendal the model, and her roommate who played photographer for me! xox




Teddi said...

LOVE it! both outfits with your necklace are great. i'm sure your friend adores the necklace. :)

Amanda said...

The necklace looks great! And you are so beautiful, lady!

EvaMae said...

Sorry it took so long Tedi! I move at snails pace :-) We also thought it would look great with a plain maxi skirt.

Thanks Amanda! That's my friend modeling but I'll pass that on ;-)

Brandy said...

Love the necklace!

EvaMae said...

Click on the link at the top for the DIY how-to!