My name is Eva, pronounced Ava. I am from this tiny
pretty little town in Northern California and now go 
to school in Washington. I love to build and create
things, and go to thrift stores and flea markets. My
sewing machine and my pliers are my two most prized
possessions. I am a textile major and I want to make
a career out of making things. 

My Vision:

Runaway thrift is a window into inspirations
projects, loves and journeys. It is a fear of idle
hands and a celebration of finding and creating.
It is beauty in everyday things and a love for 
the old, the odd and the handcrafted. It requires 
day dreaming, wandering, strolls, dancing under
the moon and basking in the sun. It is a 
celebration of the old frame and the worn fabric.
It is respecting lace at all times and recognizing 
creativity as the vessel of timelessness. It requires 
one to explore the world around them and see it 
as a holder of memories. It is the wanting to 
breathe new memories into forgotten things.



Jasmine said...

This is lovely - it's so beautifully written and shares a really nice message! Well done :)

EvaMae said...

Thanks :-)