Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY: Cloth bracelet

Hey all! Sorry I've been MIA lately! I've honestly just been feeling a little burnt out. Also inspiration has been a little low so I've been trying to give myself a little more "me time" to create. ALSO to al the lovely people and blogs who participated in the 11 questions post, thanks! I enjoyed learning more about you!

Here's a super simple project, that, looking back would have looked super adorable with some bold printed fabric. I think I decided on the creme colored because I didn't want to take away from the button though...I'm a sucker for shiny.

I got this fabric for free from some brand new clothes someone was giving away and I've been saving the button for years. Cut a strip out of your fabric, thickness is whatever your preference is, but know that you have to double that because you fold the fabric in half.

Personally I love the rough look of this. You will have one clean edge from where you folded it and one frayed edge. Do a simple whip stitch to secure the rough edge.
TIP sew on button before you sew around the edges, and only on one side of the doubled fabric. This way you won't see the button stitching!

Button holes are easy, just nip a little hole where you want it and whip stitch around.



Teddi said...

eva mae, it turned out nice. i adore the button. i also like how the gold thread coordinates with your nails. :)

EvaMae said...

Thanks! I noticed that too when I was putting the pictures up, accidental coordination :-)

Kat said...

Ooh, that's something I can totally do! (I'm a lazy DIY-er). On a side note, love your nail polish. I'm a sucker for shiny as well. (Who isn't?)