Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pressed Flowers

When I was little I found a little flower press in "Mamas Cupboard". It have four little red handles and and a woman picking flowers painted on it. My brother and I really weren't allowed to go in the cupboard but I was so captivated by all the wonderous things stashed away I sometimes couldn't resist. I remember walking around our garden and carefully selecting the flowers I wanted to press. I still think there is something very beautiful about pressed flowers. Better yet, you can use them for countless craft projects. Scrapbooking, greeting card, jewelry, collages, and much more...

Don't have a flower press? No worries! Select the flowers you fancy and sandwich them between two pieces of paper and press under a stack of books. You want to be sure that they are really weighted down. Walk away and come back a month later!
When I went to a crafts fair last weekend one man had a booth of all the things he made with pressed flowers! He was nice enough to let me snap a few pictures. Have you ever worked with pressed flowers??

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