Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Love of Knobs

Happy Wednesday! This beautiful weather we've had in Pullman has put me in such a great mood lately. I think the snow and wind and rain and general cold was starting to get me down a little. Yesterday I went on a 4 mile bike ride, the day before I meandered downtown to the used book store with my friend, and today I enjoyed lunch on top of our campus library. Sun, I missed you! With that being said, this post has nothing to do with good weather...

But it does have to do with this piece of advice: change the knobs on a piece of furniture you have, or add them. They can completely change its look and dress it up!

A few years ago my mom and I discovered the beauty of Athropologie's knob collection and we've never looked back. Theses two knobs are in my room back home. I remember when I bought the be-dazzled ones, I was so excited. They still make me break out in a big smile! [yes mom, one day I will come back for them ;-]
Last year when I was living in a little town house in San Francisco my roommate gave me her old desk. We fixed it up a little with the yellow knobs. I think they gave it a kick of life. Sadly I don't have a picture of it. I nabbed the knobs and we pushed the desk out on the curb when we moved out! The iron(?) stands below the knobs are shelf brackets, also found at Anthro. The shelving unit above the desk was pretty cute. 

Remember, go frolick in the sun! 



Teddi said...

i've actually done this before, & you are right. it does work. :)

EvaMae said...

quick and easy re-vamp!