Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY Fringe Studded Leather Necklace

Hey all! I've been itching to do this post, it's one of the projects I got to work on when I was back home. I've had the vision for this necklace in my head for a few months now, so I was getting antsy to actual do it!

It took me awhile to find the type of fringe I wanted, but when I laid eyes on the Chainette it was love. I was practically jumping around when it arrived in the mail. Mine is 9" rayon in a french beige. I got the beige because I plan on fooling around with some ombre styled dye with it. Ohhhh the possibilities!

I cut my fringe to 15 inches to allow room to attach to the leather strap. I wanted the studs to land right by my collar bones. The leather I cut to 17 inches [although there ended up being about 3 in extra I had to cut off]. I left the width big enough for a little room on each side of the studs, so a little more than an inch. 

Cut a hole in the ends of your leather and slip the ends of your fringe through. Pull enough through so that you know it can be secured and will not pull apart when you are wearing it. GLUE to secure, and fold up.              
Next poke holes in leather to attach studs. You may have to play around this with this a little because the leather is thicker now that it has been doubled up. 

What do we think? I thought it turned out pretty good, and I just can't wait to do more projects with my Chainette fringe. I just may be smitten with it! 


Anonymous said...


call me debbie said...

i like fringes!
By the way I've tagged you in the 11 questions on my blog!
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I wish you a great weekend!! =)

Teddi said...

so pretty! i hope you show us how you style it with an outfit. :)

Kat said...

This turned out great! I love necklaces that look like this. Adding it to my DIY list! ;)

EvaMae said...

I like/looove fringe too and I'll most definitely post an outfit with it! Glad you all like it !

EvaMae said...

Thank you!

Tessa said...

Great idea! I love it. Where do you get the Chainette fringe?

Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

So simple yet so it!