Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY: Tribal Cord Necklace

My day so far: gym at 6, floor fam breakfast 8, final geology presentation 9-10. Oye. More class to come and then a banquet later followed by some math and intense eBaying. I need a little DIY therapy, how about you?

Here's a little tribal necklace how-to. I used wood and shell beads, couldn't be happier! This is a no clasp necklace, but the way that I secured the cord to the wire isn't the most stable...click here for a better way to secure ends! And thanks to my darling model again, nothin like hot pink lipstick and bright blue eyes to jazz up a necklace. Or a lace dress for that matter! 



Teddi said...

pretty girl & pretty necklace! eva, it's so nice she models your handmade things. :)

Dorothy Explor'r said...

aw... adorable end product! :) lmk if you'd be willing to sponsor a giveaway on my blog!


EvaMae said...

Yeah it is, and it's very much appreciated!!