Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thrifted Find: The Izzle

I would like to introduce you to my best find to date: the 16$ izzle [also known as an easel]. It has a few scratches and nicks but I love it all the same. It came with a complete set of untouched paints and 4 fantastic brushes. *drool* I was practically dancing out of the goodwill and forced a few high fives out of my friends. I mean...16 bucks?!?!? I promptly texted my mom and she sent me a fit pumping emoji icon. Well said mother. 

I haven't painted in a long time and even then it was mixed medium but I supposed I'm just going to have to hike to the top of a mountain just to paint the view! 



Kat said...

That's a crazy good find! That definitely constitutes a heck ton of high-fives.

Laura said...

I agree with your mother! *fist pump*!


CleverPlumage (Hillery Sawyer) said...

Such a great find!! It's a really lovely easel. And untouched paints double wamy!

Theresa said...

Such a great easel! Are you water coloring or acrylics? I find watercolors harder. I have been doing more crafting lately than painting, but need to get some paint time in. I only have a table top easel. Yours is super nice & what a deal! Happy painting & Happy Easter to you!Visiting from

EvaMae said...

Thanks everyone! I was so completely stoked and I am still on a little bit of a high!

Theresa: I do both but I'm more partial to acrylics for the same reason you said, watercolors are harder. But I do like both! This is my first easel, and its love!