Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stamped Pendent

When I first started making jewelry I was playing around a lot with different types of metals and all the different ways you can make them into pendents. One of the easiest ways is to stamp them.

[Beautiful Words]

For this picture I have cord, bronze wrapping wire, a metal disk, and my letters [not pictured a hammer, jumpring, and lobster clasp]

You can purchase any of these items at a jewelry or craft store. The metal letter stamps can be found at a hardware store, but I bought mine on eBay for about 7 bucks.

Plan out what you want to say and estimate the amount of room you need. A tip for stamping: make sure there is a soft surface [a towel or clothe] between the pendent and the surface you're stamping on. Once you have stamped the word or phrase onto the pendent, flip it and hammer the back to straighten out any buckling in the pendent. I hammered a hole for the jumpring with a nail. 

 To fix your chosen clasp to your cord just slide the clasp on the cord, bend the cord a half inch over and apply glue. This glue strengthens the necklace. Next secure by wrapping wire around the folded end.

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Joan B said...

Where can you purchase the letter stampers and the metal discs?

EvaMae said...

I purchased my metal letter stamps on eBay, but I've seen them on Amazon, in some hardware and home improvement stores, and some craft stores. The metal discs I found in a bead store tucked away in San Francisco, but it looks like you can get some on etsy:

Joan B said...

Thank you for your response.