Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wire wrapping a feather

I sort of held off from making feather jewelry because it seemed like literally everyone was doing it. If you have a coil end or a cord end that would be about a million times faster, but if you don't here is how-to on wrapping a feather.

You can purchase feathers at most craft stores. 
Make sure that first part of the wire is clamped down as much as possible. 

Add a little glue as you go for extra security.

 I added a bead to mine to make it look a little most finished, but its not necessary.

Feather jewelry is beyond easy to make, and absolutely adorable. Questions? Ask below.



April said...

Those are beautiful! I may have to try that!

EvaMae said...

Thank you! I'd love to hear how they come out

Anna "Niusiya" Niusity said...

How cuuute!!!! Im totally in love with different feather accessories! You're really good in doind those, they're stunning!

♥ A.N

EvaMae said...

I am too...stay tuned for some fringe projects in the next few weeks :-)