Thursday, February 16, 2012

Roasting a Bell Pepper

Today I thought I'd share a cooking basic...roasting a bell pepper! I made breakfast tacos with my yummy bell pepper but they are great in salads, pastas, bruschetta, hummus, as a BBQ side and where ever else you'd normally add a bell pepper. It just adds a little smokey flavor, yum! 

Start by cutting the bell pepper and placing it on your hot stove top. At home I do this with a gas stove too. Rotate until the sides are BLACK. It'll sizzle and pop.

This is a poor example for a roasted bell pepper, but my dorm stove top struggles a little. Make yours blacker [here is a better picture to reference]! After you take it off the stove top toss it in a sealed container or plastic bag...let it steam its self a little. It'll make it much easier to peel!

After comes the not so fun part...peeling off the charred parts. I find under running water helps, just use your hands.

This goes for cutting any bell pepper, and that cutting off the pith. Its the bitter white parts inside the pepper. 

Chop [I also cut up onions and tomatoes for my tacos] and add to your dish! 



Carrie said...

oh I love bell peppers thanks for sharing!

Mongs said...

thanks for sharing, a simple recipe but looks absolutely healthy and delectable!