Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY Bandanna Tshirt

School has been pretty tough these past few weeks, and I am really exhausted! During my down time I've started sewing again. But here's the clintcher...machine-less. I never really understood why Laura from Little House on the Prairie always wanted to play outside more than sew with Ma and Mary. I get it now...sewing pre-machine was a doozy. And my projects have been pretty simple so far! is the first one!

1. Select old T-shirt of choice and a bandanna or scarf you have laying around. Make sure it is aligned and not too wrinkly before you pin it down. I had the upper corner of my bandanna positioned a little above the neckline so that when I sewed it the bandanna would look more apart of the shirt. 

2. Next seam rip enough of the neckline to fit that upper corner of the bandanna underneath it and sew [ideally with thread that matches the shirt, but I only had blue]. Cut excess. 

3. Now stitch around outside of bandanna. If you are using a machine [and I hope for your sake you are!] a normal stitch should be fine. Leave hem for last. 

4. For your hem fold and iron under, make sure the edges of the bandanna hem match that of the shirt. Sew! Lastly turn your shirt inside out and cut out the area of shirt that has been replaced by the bandanna. If you don't the extra fabric may make the shirt look baggy. 

Wrong side [excess shirt cut out]

Note to self: At the end of the day, there is ALWAYS room for your sewing machine in your dorm room. 

Questions? Comments? I love to hear them! 



Little Dotty Bird said...

brilliant idea, during my clearing out mission I've found quite a few bandanas and scarves! My hand sewing is rubbish though, I've only ever used a machine! There's a little company I like called Nixie Clothing who make new clothes out of old clothes and scarves etc and she uses scarves as sleeves which looks rather fab too. x

EvaMae said...

Mine could use a little work as well! That's a great idea, I'll have to try it. I sort of have a thing for scarves

Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

Who would have thought! I have a few vintage hankies and a few plain colored t's. I wonder if any match. Such an awesome idea! And I believe I will be using my machine...but I do like the look of the hand sewing...