Saturday, February 11, 2012

Framed Crafted Wall Art

First thing first: I made a Facebook page for Runaway Thrift! To get to from here look to the right and you will see a snazzy watercolored button with "Fb", click and like! Sometimes I feel so tech savvy...

Following on the V day theme, this crafted wall art is all about loving who you are, and while I'm not sure who said this, "to love yourself is the beginning of a life long romance..." that's my kind of Valentine quote.

Frames are from thrift store, 2 bucks. I used card board for the back and wrapped it in a music sheet, glued down, and the whole shabang secured with nails.

The picture is a postcard one of my old roommates gave me. The lovely design is courtesy of the brilliant minds from Papaya! If you've never checked them out, please do. They have so many beautifully decorated products. 

I got a little handy man-ish and busted out the staple gun to secure the ribbon.
Then there is my personal philosophy, there is NEVER not a place for glitter glue. 



Anonymous said...

I love this Eva!

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