Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lace Flower Clip

Hey dears! Today I have a little DIY lace hair clip. Sorry I don't have a step by step, but I see this as more as an inspirational guide line for any hair clip project.  

For mine I simply cut out the lace pieces I wanted from a doily and arranged them on the base fabric [maroon fabric]. Next I sewed on said doily bits and added a little glam. 

Then pick the backing [I used some suede I had laying around and happened to be a little short, hence the bare corner] you wish to use and sew on the decked out base fabric. 
Lastly cut out a cute patterned piece of fabric and glue gun to hair pin. 

Any other ideas for this project? I love comments! Enjoy your Saturdays, I love the weekend. 



Roxy Pearce said...

it looks so pretty in your hair! x

EvaMae said...

Thank you!