Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fresh Coat of Paint

These re stackable shelves have been in my life for awhile...they even held some of my doll clothes at one point. They were purchased from Ikea and need a little re-vamping. Recognize the color? That's because I went a little crazy with the bucket of paint I also used for this project.

I have directions and tips for painting and distressing pieces on the link above, but if you skimmed that longggg paragraph here it is again: click me. 

One tip I would give you that is specific to painting drawers is DO NOT paint either the side of the drawers or the inside cavity it fits in. Drawers are normally a snug fit and believe it or not a thin coat of paint could make it a little too tight, so they stick every time you to try to open the door. 

Same goes for the stop edge of the drawer, but they is more piece specific.  

I've been carting this guys around with me the past two years while hopping from school to school. A little paint and elbow grease can really liven something up! Questions? Comments? Post below!!


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