Monday, February 27, 2012

Longing for Summer

As I look out my window and stare helplessly at the snow I can't help longing for Summer. Or at least the California weather I miss so much! Lucky for me I bought my plane ticket to go home for spring break. That ALSO means I'll be reunited with all my glorious sewing, jewelry, and crafting supplies. I can here the music now *reunited and it feels sooo good!* 

This flower reminds me of the Summery things in life, like warm weather and frozen yogurt. Not to mention my love of fake flowers in my hair when the weather is nice. I made this clip with a silk fake flower I bought at a Vintage Flea Market in Oakland. I love these vintage flowers, I've seen them at a lot of different flea markets and online, they are normally hand dyed and made out of silk.  

Dollar stores normally have a surprisingly good selection of fake flowers, go crazy! Or keep your eyes peeled for one of these vintage ones :-)

I normally cut the stem down to about an inch and a half, bend it to the side and then ready my glue gun. Glue the stem down to the top of the clip, them wrap in ribbon. 

 Clip in your hair and you're ready for some Summery escapades!


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