Monday, January 9, 2012 of another world...

Light shinning from the windows of another world...

Several years ago I was driving up my street to my house and there were two old windows on the side of the road. I hopped out of the car and hauled one into the trunk and it's been with me ever since!

Windows are symbolic in many ways, I personally just think its lovely to have a window hanging on your wall acting as a huge old frame. Also there is something aesthetically pleasing to me about a window that cannot open to the world. 

I just hosed him off alittle, made my picture collage, drilled holes in the back, attached screw eyes on either side, wrapped some soft stainless braided hanging wire on the back and viola! All you have to do next is find the perfect spot to hang it. 

I always thought some vintage prints would look dandy in the frames as well. Maybe of flowers or something! 


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