Monday, January 2, 2012

So many things...and no space

I have a lot of stuff, and when I say a lot...I mean A LOT. I have this nasty little habit of saving everything, no matter how random or odd. But I can honestly say that a solid 85% of the time I end up using it sometime down the line. To kick off the new year I figured I'd compact the large quantities of stuff I've collected over the years, and here is how!

Now, I am aware this does not look like a lot of stuff, and granted this is only my beading stuff, but it is the equivalent of 3 overflowing tubs and all these little containers.

You can purchase these organizers at most hardware stores, I got both of these at Home Depot for about 40 bucks. They are normally used to organize small parts like screws, nails, etc. 


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