Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thrifted Timepiece

Watches sort of 'came back in' a few seasons ago as accessories. I had a lot of friends dropping a lot of money on really beautiful watches, but that seemed a little silly to me. That's probably just the thrifter in me though. Solution? eBay. 

I got this watch for 5 dollars on eBay, including shipping. It came with a completely cracked and broken white band, so 20 dollars later and my watch was as good as knew. Pretty freakin' cute too if I do say so myself. 

You can by new bands at most jewelry stores!



Anna "Niusiya" Niusity said...

This watch is great. It's girly and has this vintage vibe. Love it.

A. N

EvaMae said...

Thank you! They are very easy to personalize to your style!