Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thrifted: Golden Jewelry Box

When I was living in San Francisco I would go to flea markets with my boyfriend all the time. Here is one of my favorite finds haggled down to 7 bucks. Not only do I love the style, I can never say no to an awesome jewelry box. 

The box insert I purchased from Ross for about 3 dollars. I loved the pattern on the fabric. You can buy jewelry inserts at most craft stores. PROJECT EPIPHANY: You could even get a ugly plastic one and cover it in fabric yourself!

Even the bottom of this box is darling. Check out my other jewelry box thrifty find and its make over here



Anna "Niusiya" Niusity said...

this jewelery box is amazing, I'd like to have a similar one.

EvaMae said...

Keep you're eyes peeled, I'm sure there is one waiting for you in thrift store or at a flea market!