Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spraying new life into an old lamp

I only have an after picture of this lamp, but trust me when I say it was an awkward shade of shiny bronze. Slightly tacky. I originally wanted to spray paint it a fun coral or turquoise but was slightly limited because I had to use a heat resistant spray paint. 

Spray painting an object is one of the easiest ways to transform it

 When spray painting metal be sure to:

1. remove any rust on it, sanding down any glossy parts
2. remove all the dust with a dry cloth

Note: if spraying a lamp that has a metal over the bulb (like I did) use a heat resistant paint. If only spray painting the base of the lamp, normal spray paint should be fine, though I would recommend a metallic spray finish.

3. prime, allow to dry
4. spray your object with your paint of choice evenly, do a few coats so make sure it dries smooth.

My lamp has a few nicks on it from the move from San Francisco back to Sonoma
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