Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My College Kitchen: Black Bean Salad

So it's true, I'm no longer in my dorm kitchen but that doesn't mean I still can't cook inexpensive meals like I am. This is protein packed salad is perfect for lunch.

green onion
bell pepper
black beans

If you've forgotten about all the good stuff packed into an avocado, don't worry, you can check it out here. I went a little heavy on the lime with mine because that's all the pow flavor there is in this meal. Can you say healthy?

Suggestion: I would have added corn too but I didn't have any! Frozen is fine! 



Lauren said...

this looks so good, and easy. I'm gonna have to try it out, because most of my go-to easy meals aren't very healthy!

Anna "Niusiya" Niusity said...

Yammy, gonna make it tomorrow)))

Megan said...

Pretty much the best meal ever - I started making this from an Ina Garten cookbook, and over time, it gets more and more lime and cilantro.

Sammy said...

yum yum yum this looks amazing, i have these ingredients. thanks for helping me decide on dinner! heartandthrift.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

It seems you stopped doing posts when you ran out of pictures of that super pretty girl... :)

Ira Kharchenko said...

It looks so tasty! Thanks for the idea!