Saturday, September 1, 2012

My New Home

Today is my first Saturday in Firenze. The tile in my room is an oxidized green with beautiful patterns on it. My floor is a piece of art by its self. My bed is pressed against the far wall, when I sit up I can look out to my deck. The doors are tall and the ceiling taller. Normally the horrible heat flows into my room from those doors, but today a cool breeze and some rain drifts in. I don't know how to describe what I'm experiencing, I think my senses are as overwhelmed as I am.


In the morning I wake up and wander out to my deck and watch the bell swing back in forth in the tower. I can almost reach out and touch my neighbor, the Medici Chapel...


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Anonymous said...

Your senses are just full of total romance for the creativity that you crave. Take it all in like a big belly breath then let it out. A deep breath can be your total salvation in a sea of realization that true visual beauty can exist in one place all around you. The place you dreamed of. Welcome to wonderful.