Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Under the Sea

When my parents first got married they lived in San Diego. They also had a massive salt water fish tank. The fish tank may be no more, but this fella is certainly a survivor. My dad wanted to toss it, but I think it's just about the coolest thing ever [like just about everything else I post on my blog:-)]. Talk about an awesome coffee table piece. I can't wait to get my own apartment! Until then, it's home is on the bookshelf in my old room. 

Does he look familiar? He should, he made another appearance in a post here!

On another note I've had a vision of all my dried roses I've collected over the years on a silver canvas with silver paint and looks cooler in my mind than it sounds. I'll be pondering this all day while I'm typing away in my cubical at work!  


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Kat said...

That does look pretty cool! As for dried roses, I actually made a cool arrangement for my room using petals and an empty glass Starbucks bottle. I cleaned out the bottle and took the label off, filled it with semi-crumpled petals and leaves, then put a few of the in-tact dried roses (with stems) in and BAM! Done. I've been meaning to post a tutorial for ages.

The Tall Blonde Artist