Thursday, May 10, 2012

San Francisco for dayyyz

I've been in San Francisco for a the past few days. I had an emotional reunion with the downtown Anthropologie store, my favorite sushi place, and all the little things in between. I love this city.

It was a leather bag and roses kind of day
If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear flowers in your hair
China town colors
The city is stately and imposing, it is surrounded by a high, thick
wall of green marble, polished smooth and set with green emeralds,
each one facing one of the countries in the Land of Oz. 
Rare urban fish sighting

Today I am off to apply for my VISA and then back home to Sonoma to celebrate mi madres birthday!



Teddi said...

eva, i love san francisco! i wish i cold live there.have fun with your mom. :)

EvaMae said...

I do too!! Sometimes I miss living there but visiting suites me just fine too!