Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Expensive Poster Problem Fix

Believe it or not I have one week left of school. As in this week. As in I go home Saturday. I'm having mixed emotions, one side is I want to get the heck out of here because then finals week will be over. The other is I don't want to pack up my life here in Pullman. Especially because I won't be coming back for a long time [that's an announcement for another post!!] Not to mention I have to get rid of most all my things. I'm convinced that if I had the space and the time, I would be on hoarders. But my mom assured me that it's okay to let things go, especially when you have a weird knack [like myself] of accumulating things at a really fast rate. All of my stuff is replaceable! Whew. Deep breathes, and cheers to eBay!

My posters are one of those things. I was thinking a potential giveaway item?? Thoughts?

But on a slightly different note, this isn't quite a DIY but a little tip. Posters can be expensive, especially when you have big walls to fill up. Try going to a decorative paper store, you can get poster like sheets [like these] for under 5 dollars. Granted you probably won't get your favorite band, but vintage looking prints like these? absolutely! Pair with some frames like these  and you've got great inexpensive wall art! Wish me luck on finals my darling readers! 



Teddi said...

best of luck! it'll be over in a blink of an eye. ;)

CleverPlumage (Hillery Sawyer) said...

I think a giveaway is a great idea! I for one am already jealous of your butterfly and bird posters. I wish you the best of luck with your finals and moving back home! The end to something is such a stressful time for so many reasons.

EvaMae said...