Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Leather Studded Bracelet

I was so beyond excited when I discovered that a package I had been waiting for had gone to my home address instead of my school address. I ordered some studs a few weeks ago and have been anxiously imagining what I would create with them. It was literally like christmas when I walked in my room and saw the package. This project only uses the silver studs...wait until you see some of the other great colors I got [ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!].

Nothing like a little scrap leather and studs to get a girl excited! 

I decided to make a thin bracelet because I happened to have some silver crimp ribbon ends. When cutting out your piece of leather the length should depend on the type of clasp you are using. If you are attaching button snaps, leave room for the ends to overlap. If you are using crimp ends like me, you don't need that excess room. 

To attach the studs use a denim needle to poke through the leather [this case 4 holes] then bend the ends down.  

Be sure to reinforce the crimp ribbon end with glue!  
This was all so inexpensive to do, and really easy! I found my studs on etsy and happened to have the scrap leather laying around. I worked on some other designs too, stay tuned! questions or comments? I love the hear them!! 



Theresa said...

Where did you get your supplies? We don't have any leather suppliers near us. Love your bracelet it turned out great!

EvaMae said...

I got my leather scraps from my mom who works in interior design. But if you google "leather scraps" there are a lot of hits. I thought this website had great prices http://www.brettunsvillage.com/leather/scrap/scraps.htm

I think I may order more!

Teddi said...

big like, & i like your fingernail polish too. :)

EvaMae said...

Thanks! It's OPI :-)