Monday, December 19, 2011

Wintery Gift Wrap ~ Woot Woot!

The gift is important, but I mean...that doesn't mean the packaging doesn't deserve some attention too. Here are some gift wrapping ideas. Before you mosey on through though let me just get this off my chest:

1. Everyone should buy letter stamps, those babies come in handy!
2. Music sheets are normally about 50 cents a booklet at flea markets. They are great for just about everything, I have them hanging on my walls in my dorm, I use them for art projects, gift wrapping and everything in between. FIND SOME, BUY SOME.
3. I don't have a three but it looked uneven without a 3.

Cheapy little brown bags from the grocery store make adorable gift bags.

Cut out a square/rectangle/ whatever of something festive (holiday gift wrapping or magazine clip), pop your gift in the bag with some tissue paper or newspaper, and staple it closed with the cut out!

Next make a trip to the dollar store and grab some of the white boxes they have for clothes. 3 per pack! Get some printer paper and make some funky stencils, slap them on top of the box and spray paint away.

Oh I thought of a good 3.   Never under estimate the coolness of twine~

I hope you read my tips at the top, because this next one embodies my belief in the beauty of music sheets. Get your sheets and lay them out, tape them together and use it as wrapping paper. If your really feelin snazzy add some colorful tissue paper underneath. 

[book pages are equally as cool]

When I was a kid those stretchy elastic book coverers were the coolest things in the world but every year my mom and I always covered my books in a brown paper grocery bag. So now I'm going back to my grocery bag roots....


This last one will probably pop up in another one of my posts soon, but its just some paper from ikea that I used to wrap some fragile items so they wouldn't break. White tissue paper, newspaper, or paper bags cut up could work too! Slip a piece of a music sheet (see what I mean!??! stuff is awesome) in there and you're set. Oh yeah and finish it off with the TWINE! 

If you have any questions just let me know! 


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