Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Presents Part Two: Crystal Terrarium

Hey all! Here is a little teaser for the next and last Christmas Present post. Enjoy!

Once again we have another member of the ten dollar lot, check out what else came out of it here and here. Now this is a unique piece in that I believe it was hand crafted. They are panels of glass soldered together with copper tape.

Because it was bottomless and I wanted to use it as a plant holder I used a square of tin and soldered it with the same copper tape used to put the piece together [soldered bottom not pictured].

Next came one of the best parts...picking out the succulents! When picking out plants for a terrarium you are looking for small hardy little plants so they don't outgrow their home too swiftly! Have fun with this, select plants with different colors, textures, leaf shapes, and heights.  



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