Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Presents Part One: Stacked Light Bulbs

December is my favorite month in the year, hands down. I love how much happier everyone seems, especially the week before Christmas.

I'm going to break up my Christmas present posts, and here is part uno of the installment!

How To: Probably my best find of the season was this rusty and dusty gem (part of the 10 dollar lot that also had the treasure box) it was the gift that kept on giving:

I originally had one purpose for this lamp, I wanted to strip it and use it as a terrarium, but then I saw how much more potential it had. This leads me into my biggest belief: Do not throw pieces away!! This is probably why I have so much random stuff, but I always end up finding a purpose for it.

Anyway I put aside all of the bits that I stripped (even the rusty screws that appeared useless) and a few days later the light bulb went on (ha...ha..)      

By reusing the screws used to put the lamp together I could secure the top pieces of the lamp.

I needed the tray attached to the stand made from the top of the lamp, so I called in the big guns...thanks Papa!

[If I didn't have access to my amazing grandfather I probably would have resorted to copper tape and my soldering gun. But his soldering gun was cooler.]

oh and super glue has never let me down either.



I washed up the old light bulbs from the lamp and busted out the super glue. WARNING: You can totally glue you fingers to the tube and it hurts to get off.

Let it dry, place light bulbs inside this (another member of the 10 dollar lot):

(it was on top of a really tacky light fixture so I nabbed it)

Put it all together and you've got:  


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